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Beer Subscription Gift to the Rare Beer Club

Best a la carte options of any beer subscription plan. 
Author: CraftBeering


  • Members are notified prior to each months shipment about the new beers featured and about to be shipped.
    Based on that information, members can add more bottles of each selection or request double the count of one selection while giving up the other.
    They can skip the entire shipment for that month altogether or request that it be sent to a different address that month only.
    They can also request beers (if still available) from past selections in lieu of the current month's featured ones or in addition to them.
    They can take advantage of ultra exclusive beer options that comprise batches not large enough to be shipped to all the members, but available to add to monthly shipments while supplies last.
    Members can also order and reorder available rare beers at any other time (not as part of the monthly shipments).
    Members can custom tailor their beer subscriptions mixing the rare brews with the other four club options of the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club or with the other monthly clubs.